Why Term Limits

Civility &

Why Term Limits

Civility & Respect

We know how to get along and work with people who disagree with us, and we should expect our elected officials to be able to do the same.

Most people would do whatever it takes to hold onto a good job. Politicians are no different. They will do what it takes to make themselves look good, make their opposition look bad, and appease those who have the power to help keep them in office. Powerful political parties have emerged to help facilitate this, and have stoked the flames of hyper-partisanship. Because political parties have incredible power, influence, and fundraising capabilities, their members must frequently submit to their will. Representatives are compelled to treat the opposing party as the enemy, creating an unnecessarily hostile and belligerent environment.

Term limits would mean that serving in Congress could never be a lifelong career, thus both weakening the influence of political parties and allowing representatives to more easily work across dividing lines.

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