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Article V

Running a

Article V

Running a Convention

While no convention has been called for using the process prescribed in Article V, we are not without precedent. We could look to the Philadelphia Convention of 1787, which in fact gave us our Constitution.

Whatever the exact procedure for the convention will be, it will be agreed upon by the states and will be part of the interstate compact governing and running the convention. While the specifics will need to be determined during the negotiating process by the states themselves, we can be certain of a few items:

  • There will be a President of the Convention who will preside over the debate and voting
  • Constraints about what type of an amendment and limitations around what may be ultimately proposed by the convention will be in place
  • Each state, regardless of size, will receive only one vote
  • States will send delegations and follow quorum rules, according to either their own rules or rules set forth by the compact
  • When the convention votes to propose an amendment, the President of the Convention will provide the proposed amendment directly to the Archivist of the United States for transmission to the states for ratification
  • The compact will be automatically dissolved after the amendment has been proposed

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